Investigative Dive Unit

Diver on boat Diver underwater


The Sitka Police Department’s Investigative Dive Unit consists of five officers who work and train with the Sitka Volunteer Fire Department’s Dive Team.  The team has been involved in several water related death investigations, evidence recovery operations, submerged vehicles, vessels, etc.  The unit has recovered thousands of dollars worth of stolen property and has recovered weapons used in felony assaults.  SPD Divers must first have at least an open water and advanced open water recreational diver certification prior to training with the unit.  All SPD divers then attend a certified Public Safety Diver course in addition to an Underwater Investigations course.  The Unit dives in vulcanized rubber dry suits, full-face masks (AGA) with underwater communications.  Some of the equipment the unit uses includes a Tov Camera (video) with five hundred feet of cable, lift bags, underwater cameras (video and 35mm/digital) and a metal detector.  Visit the Sitka Fire Department’s Dive Team website for more information and photos related to the combined team. 

Sitka Police Department Volunteers

Several members of the Sitka Police Department also volunteer their personal time to the Sitka Volunteer Fire Department in an attempt to help their fellow “Sitkans” during times of need.  The volunteers come from the Patrol Division, the Dispatch Division, the Jail Division and the Investigations Division. They are a part of the Fire Department’s Fire Division, EMS Division and Dive Team.  Several members are also cross-trained and help out in more than one area and eight of the nine are certified EMT’s.