The Sitka Police Department is here to serve and protect the members and community of the City and Borough of Sitka. Below are some services that may be helpful to you:


  • TWIC, HAZMAT Endorsement and TSA Pre-Check! SPD now has the capability to issue TWIC cards and HAZMAT Endorsements to eligible transportation workers and enroll people in the TSA Pre-Check Program. Interested persons should first visit the Transportation Security website for program details and then contact SPD to set up an appointment for enrollment, 747-3245. Walk-ins are not guaranteed same day service.

  • Welfare Check - If you are concerned about the whereabouts or condition of a loved one, please call us at 747-3245. We can send a police officer to a residence, etc to check on his/her welfare.

  • Bike Rodeo - Every spring, members of SPD partner with other local organizations to hold a Bike Rodeo at the USCG hanger. While the kids always have fun riding through the obstacle course that is set up, SPD focuses on teaching kids about bicycle safety and getting bikes registered to make recovering a lost or stolen bike easier. Bicycle licenses can also be obtained any time at the Police Department.

  • Bike Auction - When SPD has accumulated too many abandoned bikes to be storing, we hold a bike auction that is open to the public. Bikes are sold as-is and an auction is held about twice/year.

  • Rabies/Vaccination Clinic - SPD's Animal Control Officer conducts a annual clinic for you to get your pet vaccinated at a reduced rate. Please visit the Animal Control page for more information.

  • Lost and Found - If you have lost an item around town, stop by the police department. It is possible that someone turned it in to us. In the same manner, if you find an item that belongs to someone else, please drop it off so that we can try to find its rightful owner.

  • 30-parking permit - This permit is issued by our Traffic Officer and allows the user to park up to 30 days in any City owned 10-day parking area. Most of these locations are in Harbor parking lots. Please call 747-3245 for more information.

  • Fingerprinting - SPD provides fingerprinting services by appointment only. Please call 747-3245 to schedule a time. It costs $10 + tax and usually takes between 15 and 20 minutes. You must have a valid photo ID with you and if your employer is requesting the fingerprinting, make sure you bring any of their associated forms with you.

  • Reconstructed Vehicle Inspections - Vehicles that have been rebuilt after being declared totaled are inspected to verify that they are street legal.

  • Commercial Operator Vehicle Inspection - This vehicle inspection is for tour permit holders' vehicles. Vehicles are inspected to make sure they comply with all safety regulations.