Animal Control Officer - Buckmaster

On March 8th 2009 Girl Scout Cadet's Rachel Harris, Hannah Wolfe-MacPike, Olivia Rivera, Samantha Robinson, Elaina Audetti, Lynn Tulcey and Abigale Brady (to the right) dedicated the dog house they built to earn the Silver Award, the highest award a Cadet Girl Scout can achieve.  This award focuses largely on service, leadership and career exploration.  As part of the award, they formed a plan to fill in a need for the Sitka Animal Shelter after touring it in early December of 2008.  They worked with Randy Hughey, Ted Laufenberg, Karl Wolfe and Scott Harris in planning the dog house construction.  They gathered donated and purchased materials and built the dog house in the workshop of Sitka High were I met with them in early December to go over the plans.  Troop Leaders Laura Kronsperger-Harris and Patti MacPike helped the girls with the project.  During the dedication of the dog house Animal Shelter Volunteers ( to the left) were invited to attend and be recognized for their contribution to the care of the animals at the shelter.


Sitka Animal Control

Nancy Buckmaster, the Animal Control Officer (ACO), enforces all City and State animal control ordinances and statutes.  Nancy is also the Director of the Sitka Animal Shelter and is the citified Euthanasia Technician.

Each year, about 500 animals are impounded, of which half are subsequently adopted.  Although there are 150-200 animals euthanized annually, this number is decreasing with education on the benefits of spay/neuter. 

The ACO is active in the community, teaching 500-600 preschool through elementary students how to be responsible pet owners, how to avoid dog bites and the importance of respecting all living things.  Also, animals from the shelter are taken each month to visit with residents living at Sitka Community Hospital long-term care facility.  These animals are used as therapy and are very popular with the residents and staff.  A first aid class is also offered to dog owners since many dogs are taken hunting, fishing and camping.

There are over 30 invaluable volunteers at the shelter.  These volunteers contribute many hours to the shelter by cleaning kennels, walking the animals, and feeding and watering them.  A TLC (Tender, Loving Care) program is available for 8-15 year old children.  These kids play and help socialize the animals.  If you would like to volunteer, please contact Nancy at the Sitka Police Department or e-mail her at

Nancy Buckmaster

Officer Nancy Buckmaster has been the ACO in Sitka since January 1996.  She was certified at the University of Missouri/Columbia Law Enforcement Training Institute through the National Animal Control Association.  In January 1997, she was certified as an "Animal Euthanasia Technician", through the National Animal Control Association; Maricopa County Humane Association, AZ.  In 1999, Nancy completed a "Volunteer Manager Workshop" through the American Human Association in Englewood Colorado. She also attended the 1999 American Humane Association "National Training Conference" in Minneapolis Minnesota.

In 2001, Officer Buckmaster attended the "National Animal Control Association Training Conference" in Daytona Beach Florida. In 2002, she attended a "Cat Behavior in the Animal Shelter" workshop in Pasadena CA., and completed a "Crime Scene Investigation/Courtroom Procedures" class through the Juneau Police Department at the 2002 Alaska Animal Control Annual Conference. In 2003 Officer Buckmaster attended the Alaska Animal Control Association Annual Training Conference in Seward Alaska, where she was elected Vice President of the Alaska Animal Control Association. December 3, 2004 ACO Buckmaster completed certification in "National Cruelty Investigations" in Sacramento, California through the HSUS(Humane Society of the United States)_ in conjunction with the Law Enforcement Training Institute School of Law-University of Missouri-Columbia. A $1,500.00 grant from the ASPCA's National Shelter Outreach Department funded the training. Also in 2004 she attended the Alaska Animal Control Conference in Anchorage and hosted the 2005 Alaska Animal Control Conference in Sitka. 

In 2004 ACO Buckmaster attended the 10th  Annual Worldwide "Leadership from the Ground up;effectiveness in Changing Times" in Anchorage.  In 2006 she attended the American Humane Association Annual Conference in Chicago.  In 2007 she began to prepare for any potential disaster that might happen in Sitka, through FEMA (Federal Emergency Management Association.) She began taking  classes on line to be qualified to participate in any National Incident Management System (NIMS) agency that would assist Sitka should an "Incident" occur. ACO qualified on three levels through FEMA. In 2009  she citified with FAMA and the American Humane Association in Disaster Sheltering for Companion Animals which was held in Seattle.  In her off hours she enjoys camping, fishing and is an avid gardener; she loves to read. Nancy is owned by a Terrier/Dachshund mix breed "Pound Puppy" named Radar adopted from the Sitka Animal Shelter.