Sitka Animal Shelter

Sitka Animal Shelter Mission Statement

The mission of the Sitka Animal Shelter and the Sitka Animal Control Division is to improve the quality of life in the City and Borough of Sitka by providing safety to the citizens and animals, preserving the health of the citizens, and care of the animals.

The Sitka Animal Shelter provides a comprehensive and compassionate service to the animals of Sitka, temporary care and safe shelter, placement and education for the dignity and well being of all animals, and to respect wildlife.

Girl Scout troop #121 donated over 20 boxes of cookies collected during their recent cookie selling campaign.  The cookies will be given to the Sitka Animal Shelter volunteers who work tirelessly to give the animals at the shelter dignity and love while awaiting relocation to their new home.

The Sitka Animal Shelter is located at 209 Jarvis St., up the hill from the main Post Office on Sawmill Creek Road, by the transfer station. The SAS can house 18 dogs, with four isolation kennels for sick or quarantined dogs. There is a community cattery room where 5-7 cats can be housed. The cattery room is furnished with cat trees, scratching posts and a cat condo. The cat kennel room can house 12 cats in separate kennels. There are four kennels in the isolation/euthanasia room.

There are two audio systems that play soothing music for the animals. The animals are calmer and the music lessens the stress of being in an artificial environment. The barking in the dog kennel is rare. Only when someone enters the kennel rooms do the animals act out for attention.



This is the hall way leading to the cattery room (left). At the end is the entrances to the dog kennel room.







The cattery room allows visitor to go in and sit with the cats and kittens and play. Often volunteers just pop in to get a "cat fix" and to check on the animals.



The cat kennel room can house 12 cats in individual kennels.




Although euthanasia is lower than it has been in the history of the shelter, animals with aggression problems are not relocated. Any dog, or cat housed at the shelter that bites is euthanized.



There are 18 kennels available to house dogs. Four kennels have separate ventilation and drainage to house sick animals or dogs in quarantine.

The Sitka Animal Shelter depends solely on a volunteer staff. Currently there are 31 volunteers insuring the animals at the SAS are treated with dignity as they await relocation.

Euthanasia numbers are at an all time low. Sitka Animal Shelter offers in-home euthanasia for sick or elderly animals in an effort to maintain the animals comfort level as it passes.



It's always fun to give tours of the Sitka Animal Shelter. On this day, a preschool class came to the shelter to see what goes on here.





If you have a group that would like to visit the shelter, just call and make arrangements with the Shelter Director.



""Until one has loved an animal, a part of one's soul remains unawakened."


Sitka Animal Shelter: 747-3567

Sitka Animal Control: 747-3245

Police/Fire/Medical Emergency: 911
Dispatch (907) 747-3245     Police Administration: (907) 747-3349     Detectives (907) 747-3215 Crime Line (907) 747-8980