Animal Control

Animal Control is responsible for upholding and enforcing regulations (ordinances) regarding the treatment and control of animals within the City and Borough of Sitka. Animal Control means not only protecting people from the nuisance of roaming, uncontrolled animals, but also protecting pets and wild animals in their habitats.

Animal Control Services include, but are not limited to:

  • Animal rescue
  • Compliant investigation
  • Animal cruelty investigation
  • Animal Ambulance
  • Animal quarantine
  • Limited wildlife management

Animal Control should be contacted if you come across a animal that appears to be lost or wild. The Animal Control Officer will help attempt to find its rightful owner. If there is a stray, abandoned, or wild cat that frequents your property, please read about our Live Traps that can be borrowed. And please don't hesitate to report the mistreatment of any animal.

If you have lost a pet, you might want to familiarize yourself with Animal Control's holding policy as well as check and see if your pet has been turned into the shelter by visiting the Pet of the Week page and you can "like" us on the Sitka Animal Shelter's Face Book page





New regulations addressing dogs on ball fields, soccer fields, and all municipal play grounds have changed and since 2013 Chapter 23.30 of the Sitka General Code reads as Chapter 23.30 Public use of Parks and Recreation Facilities


Remember: Animal control solutions begin with people.


Sitka Animal Control: (907) 747-3245