Frequently Asked Questions


  • Does my pet need to be licensed?
  • Cats do not need to be licensed. Dogs however, are required by law to be licensed if they are more than 6-months old. Dog licenses can be purchased at the Sitka Police Department. Bring your dogs spay/neuter proof along with proof of an up to date rabies vaccination in to Dispatch at the Sitka Police Department. Leave the documentation with the dispatcher and a license, along with your documentation information will be sent to you in the mail.  The tag needs to be displayed at all times when off the owners premises. A City issued dog license tag is a lost dogs only ticket home; the little red rabies vaccination tag is not a City license and will not help your dog get home. Contact a local engraver to have an I. D. tag made for your cat. It's the only way we know your cat belongs to someone.

  • How do I report the mistreatment of an animal?

    If you see anyone kicking, hitting, slamming a dog into the back of the bed of a truck, or anything that just does 't look right, call the Sitka Police Department at 747-3245 immediately. If the Animal Control Officer is not available, ask for a Police Officer to check on the situation. Take notice of all details and descriptions as much as possible. These reports can be made anonymously. But remember, an animal that is being mistreated can not speak for itself, it needs someone to stand up for it should the person mistreating the animal goes to trial.

  • How do I adopt a pet?

    Adoptions are made through the Sitka Animal Shelter at 747-3567. All of the dogs available for adoption can be viewed from the parking lot windows. If a dog interests you, call the Shelter to make a viewing appointment. More adoption information can be found here.

  • What do I do if I have lost or found a pet?

    Call the Sitka Police Department to reach Animal Control. Someone can be reached at 747-3245, 24 hours 7 days a week.  If the Animal Control Officer is not available and the Police Officers are busy with more pressing issued you may be asked to bring the animal to the Shelter and leave it there.  An outdoor dog kennel is available for found lost dogs and a rabbit hutch is available to hold a lost cat when found.  You can also find out if your missing pet is at the Shelter by visiting the Pet of the Week page or read about our Live Traps if you are dealing with a wild, nuisance animal.


Sitka Animal Shelter: 747-3567

Sitka Animal Control: 747-3245