Animal Ordinances















The Ordinances for the City and Borough of Sitka include a section for Animal Ordinances and Cruelty to Animals. Go to the Sitka General Code and refer to Title 8 Animals for specific topics relating to animals.

One of the frequently asked questions in the Animal Ordinance section is the process to manage "dogs running at large".   The Animal Impoundment Procedure 8.04.040 is outlined below:

A. Dogs found running at large may be impounded at a municipality designated shelter. Dogs wearing valid license tags will be held for a minimum of five days if not claimed by the keeper. After five days, if not claimed by the keeper, they may be destroyed or adopted. Unlicensed dogs will be held for a minimum of seventy-two hours and may then be destroyed, or held for adoption for a reasonable period at the discretion of the animal control office. Before destroying an animal, the animal control officer shall make reasonable efforts to promote the adoption of the animal.

B. When a dog is found running at large and its ownership is known to the enforcement agents, such dog need not be impounded but the agent may cite the keeper of the dog.

C. Immediately upon impounding any domestic animal, the animal control officer shall make reasonable effort to notify the keeper or custodian and to inform the keeper or custodian of the conditions under which he may regain custody of the animal. The animal control officer may file a complaint against the keeper or custodian of any animal which has been impounded for being found running at large.

(Ord. 02-1656 § 4(A), 2002: Ord. 98-1480 § 4, 1998; Ord. 87-780 § 4, 1987; Ord. 83-555 § 4(A), 1983; Ord. 79-405 § 4(3) and (4), 1979; Ord. 72-43 § 3 (part), 1972; B.C.S. § 9.04.040.)


Sitka Animal Control: (907) 747-3245