Animals at the Shelter




Almost 1 year living in the Shelter,

How many times I’ve said “Hi Momma” since then.

Trapped under a house with her 5 Kitts.

She has nursed several litters for me.

She welcomes every cat that comes.

Helps calm them, and stay their fears.

She has done that for me.

My plans to keep her as a “Shelter Cat” are starting to haunt me.

No reward for her service could be so great as to find her a home.

The one she deserves.


For more on them please see us on Facebook or call for info.




Lost Pets

Adoptions at the Sitka Animal Shelter are by appointment only by calling 747-3567. If no one is at the Sitka Animal Shelter when you call, leave a message and the Shelter Director or staff member will return your call to set up an appointment. You are welcome to make an appointment to view any animal. Please click here for more information on adoption procedures.

If you are missing an animal, please call the shelter to get the most current information on lost pets that have been turned in. All animals are held according to the Sitka Animal Shelter Holding Policy.

If you find a lost animal, there is a double rabbit hutch at the shelter to put small lost animals in when the shelter is closed. There is also a fenced kennel area to confine rescued lost dogs for their safety.


"Until one has loved an animal, a part of one's soul remains unawakened."


Sitka Animal Shelter: (907) 747-3567