Sitka Animal Shelter Addition

In 2007, enough donations had been collected to build an addition onto the existing shelter building. We had such a run of good weather construction zipped right along.  Some design flaws held construction up a little (as you can see the exhaust fan is almost riding on the roof of the new addition).  But the two gentlemen working on the addition were able to "buck-up" and make some corrections to the blue prints.

Ground breaking   Cement pour    Frame work Ready for roof

Here we are with a completed building!

The additional space has been set up as a visitation room. It has been very useful and has made meeting new pets more comfortable, being in a clean, dry room with a couch and two easy chairs to use.

This visitation room was desperately needed, as there was no area at the shelter to meet with an animal someone is thinking of adopting.  We were using the hallway to meet with cats and most dogs had been taken outside to meet with prospective adopters, no matter what the weather.  With all of the distractions of traffic in the hallway and outside activities to distract a dog, rarely was a bond made possible and many animals had been overlooked because they didn't show any interest in the person meeting it.  This new visitation room has been furnished to simulate a home setting.  When an animal is relaxed, it will show it's "true colors" as far as its personality, and that is what a new owner is looking for. Potential adopters want to know, "Will this animal fit in at our home?"

The Fran Edgecomb Visitation Room will also be utilized as a room for our bi-annual rabies clinics and dog washes we provide to the community, and will also have an area for much needed storage which wasn't included in the original plans when the shelter was built in 1996.

The funds used to build the addition came from a wide range of donations including penny collections in an elementary class, fifth grade annual Christmas donations, and other more substantial memorial donations.  No funds were taken out of the Sitka General Fund, but strictly from money donated directly to the Sitka Animal Shelter.

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